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No need for a torch!

In the field which is known and summarized as 'Smart Materials' influences our behaviors and shifts the borders of 'what is possible'. We’re talking about the highly innovative field of smart textiles and fabrics. Combined with appropriate sensors and actuators it is possible to reduce items in size, weight, complexity by enhancing the opportunities for use.

This project is executed in cooperation with Bekaert, a belgium company. Bekaert has developed a metal thread that provides new potential to develop smart products and uses. Our task was to present a visually attractive working prototype with this technology implemented, that really shows (one off) the potentials of this material and is not easily replaced by a competing technology. We discovered the unique qualities from this material by making a lot of material experiments, both on a technical and a visual level. And finally came up with the basic idea of using the fibre for a low voltage power line within a tent (patent pending).

The idea has been worked out in detail and is exhibited on the Futex Convention 2009 and picked up by Decathlon.