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This project was done for the Microsoft design and research expo 2008 of which the theme was 'learning and education'.
With this theme in mind, a system was developed which tries to make tourists curious about locations in their environment.

A system was designed which chooses these locations based on a social profile of the user. By looking at locations from people with similar profile characteristics, navigating these locations will most likely create a valuable learning experience for the user.

Through the use of a handheld device, the user can actively explore and navigate the environment by finding vibration patterns. These vibration patterns indicate a direction in which an interesting location can be found, together with a sense of distance and amount of profile match. By following this vibration pattern the user has to navigate through the environment and actively look at the environment, this together with the final location create opportunities for learning experiences.

Technology, user and interaction research lead to a complete solution of which a working prototype was made.
This prototype combines a GPS sensor with a compass to force the user to actively find vibration patterns in the direct environment.

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