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A do it yourself bloodspot kit

DBSL stands for dried blood spot laboratory, and is a compay that analyzes the blood samples that are delivered to the company. DBSL approached Noos Design to design a kit that allows users to create a blood sample at home.

The process, which originates from the well-known heel prick, exists out of these consecutive steps: One receives the blood-spot kit with all the materials for a do it yourself test included. A well defined instruction manual takes the user along the process of creating a good blood sample. To support this process, the website of DBSL includes a video manual that shows and clarifies this process. These instructions are derived from a user research, which made it easy for users to create a good blood sample. The specially designed envelop takes care over the blood sample, and delivers it safely to DBSL, who will take care of the analysis.

Noos Design was responsible for the development of the instruction manual, the design and production of the total kit and the envelop that is now used by big pharmaceuical companies like Novarits.

The bloodspot kit takes care of waiting lines and hospital trips for blood analysis.