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Control your energy consumption

Energy consumption is one of the most trending topics. Energy supplier Eneco wants to make people aware of their energy consumption, and provides a way to lower the energy consumption.

To make people aware of their consumption, companies and products have to communicate in an understandable language. In addition the user should be able to take actions according to the provided information, so in this case be able to lower the energy consumption doing certain activities.

Enotion is the solution in this problem. Enotion consists of two separate units that together form a system in the house of the consumer. The first part is the intelligent power outlet, that will replace the current standard power outlets. These outlets measure the amount of consumed energy, and reflect this amount by a coloured ring on the outlet. This outlet communicates the consumption to the second part of the Enotion, the energy-hub. The wearable energy-hub is the central point of the Enotion. This display shows a self created overview of the intelligent power outlets and appliances in your house. When a button of a power outlet is pressed, it shows, in real-time, the energy consumption and the costs of it. In addition it can show the amount of energy used and costs in the last 24 hours of that outlet, and gives tips how to save energy in that power outlet.

If you want to shut down the light that you forgot to turn of on the atic, and see that it is still burning on the energy-hub, you just have to press the button that corresponds with the atic light for 3 seconds and you immediately see that the light is turned off.

Saving energy can not be easier!