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Have the freedom to place your existing luminaires

The equipment of the living room has slightly moved to centre of the room, compared to a couple of years ago. Houses that are new often include floor outlets that are built in. These outlets gives people the possiblity to place luminaires at a central point in the living room. For people that do not have the option to place a socket in the floor, but still want to have their equipment at a central place in the room, the Mopo is the solution.

Mopo is a flexible light solution. A LED lamp that is deliverd with the Mopo can be attached to your exisiting luminaires, and the Mopo will provide power for at least 1 week of evening light in your house. When Mopo is exhausted, one can charge it in only 2 hours time.

An additional function of the Mopo is to take care of the loose cable of the luminaire. Mopo provides a storage system to hide the loose cables that always look crappy.