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Your in-house media, wherever you want!

The aim of this project was to develop a new remote control based on the latest trends and developments within the home entertainment industry.
While this is a highly competitive market with a lot of innovating technologies, the remote control has not changed much during the years.
Together with Loewe, a premium brand in the home entertainment industry, literature, user, technology and market research was done to come up with a new innovating design.

The final design is a personal remote with which pictures, music and video can be accessed throughout the complete house.
By making smart use of wireless technologies, the remote control knows what devices are nearby and it adapts it’s interaction possibilities to match these devices. Starting to watch a movie in the living room, pausing it and resuming it in the bedroom has never been easier!

The design has a strong focus on interaction design and combines physical interaction possibilities with a touchpad to allow specific control for constantly changing media content.