Walking keeps seniors healthy

The goal of this project was to stimulate seniors to move more in order to stay healthy and fit for a longer time. Developing a healthy way of life is not only good for the seniors themselves, but for their family and acquaintances as well. This way of life gives an answer to seniors? wish to live independently for a long time. Research proved that social contact is the key for people to start walking in groups, smaller motivators are the type of route and the health aspects. Barriers to start walking are the lack of routes they know to walk and the fear of getting lost. With the help of an iterative design process and the potential user group the NAVIS concept was designed.

NAVIS gives users the opportunity to enter their demands in the system in an intuitive way. These demands (intensity, length, place and interest) are translated in an walking route by NAVIS. The route is transferred to the belt that is placed around the NAVIS. This belt guides the users along the route with the help of 360 degree vibrations. These vibrations help users to be guided on an easy and intuitive way through a route that matches their personalty and takes away their fear to get lost.