Neonatal care with less barriers

Babies that were born too early are placed in incubators to take care of the babies in a controlled atmosphere. The goal is to create a life without any afterpains of being born to early.

In this controlled atmosphere babies are connected with several different measurement- and nutrition systems. All the cables that are needed by the system enter the incubator in different corners, making it hard for nurses to take care for the kid. In addition it does not improve the “mother-child” contact in these early stages of life. By adapting new technologies and an innovative design in the incubator nurses are able to focus more on caring in stead of the cable spaghetti. In addition the mother-child contact would be less complex. The temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat and ECG/RESP connectors are substituted by wireless systems. The remaining cables for oxygen, nutrition and saturation are guide into the incubator by a sleeve called the aorta. This aorta is moved by an intelligent system that reduces the cable length in the incubator. The moment the baby is taken out of the incubator the system loosens the aorta and giving length for the nurse to work.