Stress management on a fun way!

Stress is an individual experience. Every person has a different reaction on triggers and stress, which is basically the same as coping with stress.

More than one third of the high school students indicates that they are suffering from stress. Allmost all students indicate that they do not know how to cope with it. .
These students (13 - 15 year old) have to make important decisions that will influence their future (school courses, study etc.). They should avoid having stress!
In order to do this, their basic stress level should be as low as possible, helping them to cope with stressful situation a lot easier. The basic stress level is influence by doing heart-coherention exercises. These exercises are based on breathing. .

The end concept focusses on coping with stress with the help op responsive coping in which you influence the stress with breahting exercises like for example meditation.
User research shows that gaming on mobile phones becomes more and more popular. By combining this with real-time measured stress levels being of inlfuence on the difficulty level of the game, students will control their breath in order to score points that can be substituted for discount vouchers in their favorite stores.