A self-sufficient community

TrueBlue provides humanity with a fresh and prolonged means to generate planet earth friendly energy. By using state-of-the-art technology with the latest developments in natural sciences, the TueBlue system provides the three major energy sources namely gas, liquid fuels and electricity.

Our system is based upon a seamless energy flow from production to use and at every step we have applied our expertise so that minimum energy is wasted. For example the production of electricity in our community hub generates heat which is produced and used locally. It empowers the surrounding community, creating jobs and bringing social stability.

We have worked in collaboration with a real life BioFarm project which is currently being realised in the UK. Because this is a scientifically proven system, which not only sounds nice but is also economically viable, we are currently looking for more investment to show the world how green energy can not only provide sustainable energy, but also provide a social function.